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500,000K USD Softcap has been met and exceeded.


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Our Goal

The largest mining farm in Europe

Krypton mine is aiming to be one of the biggest cloud mining operations yet launched in Europe. For placing your trust with us , we offer you a 180-300% return of investment in a short period of time.
Tokens will be sold in one PRE-SALE which will last for 30 days, and also the main ICO sale of 30 days.

What are the benefits of mining with Krypton , and how we can promiss you a real profit increase. Here are some benefits that we can acomplish by mass farm mining.

  • Bulk equipment prices
  • Low electricity cost
  • Savings on space purchases
Fast startup

Efficient assembly speed is one of our main concerns.

Best ROI

We offer you a return up to 300% of your investment.

Tradeable tokens

A token tradeable by Q1 of 2019.

KMT ERC20 Token

Krypton Mine Token is built on the ethereum blockchain, use your ethereum wallet to store it.


Cryptocurency mines vision

Our mines are designed to be cost effective , solid  and safe.

Implementing modern building materials , one of our crypto mines can be assebled within days. Providing shelter, ventilation and electricity to our equipment.

These structures will have day and night protection, from security personel.

They will also be equiped with cameras and alarm systems, to minimize the possibility of theft.

How to buy mining power with KMT tokens.

Krypton Mine will output 80% of its mining power , up for sale on this website. All you will need to do , is create an account and select the package that fits you best.  Hashing power will not be distributed automaticaly, to give the token a market price and value.

We predict that the first few months the shop will be overflown with buyers, and there might not be enough hashing power to go around the first month.

Orders wil simply be moved to the next month plan.

Token structure

Distibution of Tokens

KMT Tokens majority will be sold in tokensales.

A small portion will be reserved for our advisory team and the bounty program.

Unsold tokens will be burned.

  • 95% Distribute to Community
  • 1% Advisors
  • 1% Bounty campaign
  • 3% Reserve funding
Distribution # token
Pre-sale 40% 20,000,000
Sold during Token Sale 59% 29,500,000
Rewards Pool 1% 500,000

Pre-Sale Ends

May 10, 2018, 23:59:59 UTC

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Project Idea
We created the Kryptonmine idea, and assebled a team of highly suitable personel to achieve it.
Pre sale start
20,000,000 KMT available in pre sale. Starting price 0.25$ USD per token. Estimated 360% profit for Presale investors !
Hashing power distribution
Hashin power will be available for purchase using KMT tokens , December 20th 2018.
Inside the brain. Concept of neurons and nervous system. Two neurons transmitting information.
Legal Review
Krypton project submited a request for legal review in Dec 2017, and was granted an ICO certificate in February 2018.
ICO Sale start
30,000,000 KMT tokens will be up for sale at the price of 0.3 to 0.5$ USD per token. Starting May 10th 2018
Listing tokens on the marketplace.
Targeted market launch date is January 2019.
Sale bonuses

Discount Rates


Price $0.25


5,000,000 KMT
30th April

Price $0.30


5,000,000 KMT
ICO Sale

Price $0.40


20,000,000 KMT
20th May

Price $0.45


10,000,000 KMT
1st June

Price $0.50


10,000,000 KMT
Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens

Start: April 10, 2018, 11:00 AM (GMT)
Hard cap: $16m
Soft cap: $500k
Token: KMT
Exchange rate: 1 KMT= 0.5$ USD
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods